4 Colors to Wear for Valentine’s Day besides Red

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Hey Ladies! Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Is my family the only one that gives gifts on Valentine‘s Day? lol. Ever since I can remember my mom would always buy my sisters and I a present for Valentine’s. I wonder if she'll still get us something this year :) If you haven't gotten your Valentine‘s Day outfit picked out already, here are some different colors you can wear.

1. Purple

I love me some purple. Purple looks good on anybody. Purple is romantic. Not only that,but but it represents royalty. Why wouldn't you want to feel like a queen on Valentine's Day :)

2. Rose Gold

Rose Gold is such a pretty color. It goes well with all skin tones. It's warm but subtle. It just gives off a soft and feminine feel. Perfect combination of sweet and elegant.

3. White

I know white wouldn't necessarily be the first choice. However, I think white can be cute and flirty :) I love it especially when combined with lace. The best part is it's a neutral, so you can add a pop of color.

4. Black

Every woman needs a little black dress :) Black just exudes confidence and sophistication. A black dress that is fitted and flatters your shape is nice for a night out.

If you just like the color red that's fine too. After all, red is the color of love :) Whatever works for you, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Photographer: Glory Rooth


Outfit Details:

Dress: Romwe

Purse: Madison Boutique

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