A Bug's Guide: 4 Ways to Style Your Favorite Sweaters

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Hey guys! Back with another fashion post. Who else loves sweaters? They literally feel like a warm hug when you put them on :) Where I’m from, it actually just started to get cold around here. I was still able to wear short sleeves in December lol. Now it’s finally starting to feel like winter, and I can take all my comfy sweaters out. Here are just a couple of trendy ways to style your favorite sweaters.

1. Add a belt

Adding a belt can take your sweater from casual to chic. It also defines your waist, especially if it’s an over-sized sweater. A belt around the waist can show your shape more. I usually like wider belts with bigger sweaters, and the opposite for more fitted sweaters.

2. Wear a skirt

I love skirts because they are versatile. They can make your sweater outfit a little more dressy. Whenever I wear a skirt with a sweater, I usually go for a pencil or pleaded maxi skirt. You can even try tucking your sweater into your skirt.

3. Colored Pant

Other than wearing jeans, try a colored pant :) You can wear different styles, such as cargo, dress pants, skinny or corduroy. I usually go for more earth tones, like olive, navy, or burgundy. Not only could you try solid colors but patterns as well.

4. Heels!

You can’t go wrong with heels. Wear a nice heeled boot, open toe or pump. Some of my favorite style heels are block & stiletto. Heels can give your outfit a little sophistication.

Those are just a few ways. However you decide to style all your comfy sweaters this season, have fun and stay warm :)


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