A Bug's Guide: Shopping for Clothes on a Budget

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

It's hard sometimes to walk into a clothing store and stop yourself from spending more than you should. I honestly use to be the worst at this, but I've gotten a lot better since then. Here are a few tips that'll help :)

1. Know your limit

One thing I've learned from shopping is to have a price point in your head, that you won't go over. Even if you can afford to spend more, try to keep it at a reasonable amount. Just because you have it, doesn't mean you have to spend it :) You can put some of that in your savings. I think 30% is a good amount to keep in your savings. I really wish I would've been smarter about this in college lol.

2. Shop at discount stores

Honestly discount stores are the best! One of my favorites is TJ Maxx. You can find just as much quality stuff in there than other department stores. Ross and Marshalls are some others. I know sometimes you may have to really look through clothes to find what you're looking for, but it can be worth it.

3. Check the clearance rack first

I Lovveee clearance lol, but not always. Before, I use to just walk into a store and my eyes would go straight to whatever I really liked. Most of the time it would be over my budget. :( I don't like to admit it, but I have expensive taste. It's not my fault I was born this way...lol jk. Now I always check the clearance rack first. I've found things that cost $80 and have gotten them for less than half. You can find some nice quality items at a discount.

4. Needs over Wants

Before I use to buy things I didn't even need. I just wanted it cause I liked it. Now when I'm out I think about clothing I already have and the things I need to go with it. It could be a pair of shoes I'm looking to go with a skirt I have or dress. Every once and a while, I'll treat myself lol. But for the most part, I try to stick with what I came to the store for. Honestly, I feel a lot better when I walk out of the store knowing I bought something I actually needed, than buying it just because :)

Those are just a few tips. But whatever works for you, just remember to be smart with your money :)

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